4 Things You Must Know About our MICROGREENS

In this blog, we tell you the reason why our montana microgreens are loved by all of our customers. Our clean and perfect process to grow microgreens. What to choose: microgreens or vegetables? All the answers are explained below in our blog.

1-Why our microgreens stand out?

The percentage and type of nutrient vary with different microgreens. Most microgreens have a higher level of potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and copper. They are a great source of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.
We create a balance nutrient chart for each microgreen type. According to the chart, we fulfill the intake of nutrients during the growing phase of microgreens which results in very healthy nutrient-rich microgreens.
With our permanent customer support, we are enhancing the demand of supply in the region. We aim to give the best products in your reach and make the globe choose healthy.

2-Why should you choose our microgreens instead of their vegetables?

This is a basic question that comes into our minds when we are asked to choose microgreens instead of vegetables. A US study answers this question in one of its research, they select 25 different types of microgreens and their fully mature vegetables and herbs. They compare the nutrient level of both microgreens and their mature vegetables and herbs.
Different microgreens have different levels of nutrients. Most microgreens have a higher level of nutrients like Vitamin A, C, E, carotenoids, and other plant compounds than their mature crops. To a round figure, the study shows that the nutrient level of microgreens is 9 times more than the completely mature herbs or vegetables.

Our microgreens are made in a clean and best environment with great care, so I suggest checking them out.
Here! I am not justifying skipping vegetables from your meals. To be honest vegetables and herbs are essential too but how about making our meal more nutritious by adding microgreens too. You have to add microgreens, vegetables, herbs, meat (if you are not a vegetarian), and fruits to the diet plan in good proportions. This will make a best-ever meal plan for you and your loved ones.

3-Our microgreens have the most lavishing taste:

Different microgreens taste differently when eaten raw. Mostly their taste is mild, juicy, and crunchy. Their taste enhances and becomes lavishing when used in dishes, sandwiches, wraps, salads, or garnishes.
If you compare microgreens with vegetables, not only do microgreens have more nutrients but they are also tastier than vegetables.

Microgreens have a variety of tastes like spicy, peppery, sweet, nutty, mild, earthy, herb-like, cheese cabbage-like, and more.

Our montana microgreens has great taste because we gave too much attention to their requirements like light, temperature, and critical timings of microgreens which make them tastier than others. Following are given the taste of our microgreens.

  • Beet microgreens-Slightly sweeter and slightly earthy beet aroma.
  • Broccoli microgreens-spicy or slightly bitter which resemble cheese cabbage.
  • Crimson clover microgreens-mild and pleasant nutty taste.
  • Daikon radish microgreens-slightly pungent taste resembles radish.
  • Purple Kohlrabi microgreens-mild and sweet which resembles brassicas’ flavor.
  • Mellow mix microgreens– Mix taste of broccoli, crimson clover, and purple kohlrabi.
  • Ancient Eastern Blend microgreens-mix taste of Fenugreek, lentils, and Kamut.

4-The processing of our microgreens is perfect and clean?

We grow the seed in ideal environmental conditions. We manage temperature, the distance between the tray, humidity, and airflow.

In our greenhouse, we adapted a vertical plating system. We use the best microgreen automated rack system for the growth of microgreens.

The trays used in racks has holes and is made up of pp 5 which is a safe plastic, whereas pp 3, 6, and 7 are hazardous for planting.

Microgreen grows very close and in a dense pattern so sanitizing the try is important. They are quickly attacked by molds or fungus. We use a solution of zerotol which is food grade and safe for human health for cleaning the trays.

We use purified water that is free from any heavy metals. This clean water is used for irrigation and the development of healthy microgreens.
We buy healthy seeds from a recognized company. As a result, excellent quality microgreens are produced.

Microgreens are the latest foods introduced in our food chain and they become famous quickly because they are rich in nutrients and taste. They are not only high in nutrients but also loaded with such compounds which prevent us from serious diseases.
Microgreens are the ‘’superfood’’ of recent times. We follow all the rules and grow healthy microgreens for our customers. Let’s give them a try. They are really delicious and fully loaded with vitamins and minerals.

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